Change Book-type of NEC-2510a with FW 2.06

How to change Book-type of NEC-2510a with FW 2.06.
I’m using latest Nero demo version. Have changed the book-type to DVD-ROM, but after burnt still DVD+R (read with DVDInfo Pro 2.56).

i think it works only with +DL media :-\

to enable bitsetting (booktype) for +R and +RW (single-layer), you have to use Herrie’s firmware, found here

but that one for NEC-2500a, so if flash my drive shall be NEC-2500a even the functionally wise still OK.

Read First: NEC firmware and modding links

Will try later, but my drive become NEC-2500A the one I do not want.
With this firmware, I can change the book-type in DVDInfo Pro (trial version) instead of RICOH Drive (default) ?
Maybe waiting for new firmware from Herrie for real NEC-2510A

Herrie’s fw is very good. It may turn your 2510 into a “2500” but it still supports dl burns, if you have managed to get your hands on some dl blanks. It supports the book-type utility for SL disks, for +R/+RW. To book-type DL disks, you have to use 2.06. But essentially, Herrie’s Fw does not make your drive any less compatible than the 2510.