Change Book-Type of DVD+R on 708A?

Hi there,
although I have searched the forum. Is there any way to change the booktype of a DVD+R while burning from “DVD+R” to “DVD+ROM” with the Plex 708A?

I come from the Nec people, where alle Necs do this (besides other stupid things).

Greets and Thanks,

Forget it (for now).

Thanks for the reply! I am also not quite sure, whether changing the book-type is really a good idea if your SA DVD supports all DVD±RW as the reading strategy probably dependy on the book-type or media-type.

We will wait and see, what Plextor can do with their Plextools! I hope Plextor will make things right and give us some good goodies with their next release of the Plextools! When they do, they will be king of the DVD-World, too.