Change backround audio in dvd menu




is it somehow possible to change dvd menus audio? I have a movie which I’d like to have on dvd with a proper menu. I also have a menu from another dvd but naturelly the menu contains music from “original” movie. And it is quite stupid that you have a movie on dvd but menus music is wrong.

So is it somehow possible?


Simply use PgcDemux to demux the menu A into elementary streams (video, subs for button highlights). Do again for another menu B with wanted audio. Use MuxMan to combine video, subs and audio.

In DRMP, menu to be replaced, Preview window, export buttons and color scheme into files. Import the MuxMan VOB file in Programs pane using “Replace block”. Now import the original buttons and color scheme file back in.

And that’s it.


Thanks, now it works! :smiley:


I was wondering if the same technique could be applied to the movie’s audio ie downing it from an AC3-6 channel to an AC3-2 channel?



Why bother? All players downmix 5.1 to 2 channel anyway. Unless you’re trying to eke out a few kbps for the video. But, yes, you could demux (PGCDemux), transcode the audio (BeSweet) and remux (muxman) and replace the PGC with the newly made one.



Thanx blutach. Yes when merging dvds I need the extra ‘space’ for the videos.