Change avi movie to a normal dvd movie , so you can watch it with a normal dvd player



I want to know how i can burn a dvd that i downloaded with ares. I tryed it already but a normal dvd player can not play a divx (avi-file) movie. How can i change it into a normal dvd movie, so i can watch it on a normal dvd player and i can watch it? Thnx already. :clap:

*Answer: Use ConvertXtoDVD


I use VSO’s ConvertXtoDVD. Very simple…converts and burns the dvd in one step if you want. Or it creates the Audio & Video TS folders and files to be burned at a later time.


I can recommend that little tool too - it should perfectly fit your needs!


Yeah, I dont really convert avi files to kvcd (bin/cue*),I usually just get them in that format. I had a look at ConvertXtoDVD. It looks like its a good recommendation, the nero way of doing it is pritty long.


OK thnx guys for your help! Ill give convertxtodvd a try.


I tryed convertxtodvd and it works great. Only i had a trail version and burned a dvd but it had a shitty traitmark, now i downloaded the program and it works well.