Change audio framerate?

i want to paste audio track from a 29.971 divx file to a 23.976 divx, which means, i think, i have to change its framerate. how can i?

I haven’t tried this, but this is my theory:

The MP3 file is based on time and is directly converted from the source file, i.e. AC3 file. It is not related to video frame rate conversions, and can be used with different frames rates. If both DivX files are exactly the same length (time), then you may be able to transfer the audio without synch adjustments.

You could try this experiment:

Using Nandub, open the 29.971 file and set the audio mode to Direct Stream Copy. Select File | Save WAV. Reencode the WAV file to whatever format it was before, i.e. VBR MP3 file.

Open the 23.976 file in Nandub. Select Video | Direct Stream Copy. Select Audio | Direct Stream Copy | (VBR) MP3 Audio and browse to the MP3 file recreated from the 29.9971 file. Select File | Save as AVI (F7), create a new file name and save the file.

Test it and see if it works.:wink:

A 90min 29.97fps movie with a 90min audio track converted to a 90min 23.976fps movie would also have an audio track of 90min !

If your sound is MP3 or AC3, then you can use AVI-Mux GUI to extract it from the one file and to insert it into the other file.