Change a dvd slim burner in a notebock



hi people

i hava a slim dvd drive on my hp notebock and i need to put a new one, but i have a problem they dont are alike . . .

they arent alike because the plastic door cant fix in the computer case . . .

any ideas?

Can i replace the plastic door with the old one?

if yes anyone knows how to? have a manual?

thanks in advance
Moreiras :wink:


The “plastic door” or bezel is different from model to model or at least from manufacturer to manufacturer. You may have luck if you buy the same brand of drive that the bezel may fit.

The next problem is that the drive must have the correct firmware to work well with your Notebook.

You’ll find here a lot answers regarding the problem changing a slimline burner in a Notebook if you use the search function.

I’d recommend an external burner connected via USB or Firewire. This drives are cheaper and the burn quality and media support is better. Also you should get frimware updates. Mostly you will not get any firmware updates for slimline drives…