Championship manager 4?



has anyone made a sucessful back-up of championship manager 4 yet?
if so what settings have you used on clone cd ?

toshiba sd-r 5002 burner.
clone cd 4



Yep, just figured it out today, its not a 1:1 copy, you need software installed to use it.

  1. Using Alcohol 120%, read the CM4 CD with Securom V4 settings, with DPM reading at 4X.
  2. Write the CD with the same settings, with RPMS written on CD.
  3. Within Alcohol, there is an emulation setting, activate the RPMS emulation check box.
  4. Click ok and awala!!!



To all thats interested, I have managed to make a working 1:1 copy of championship manager 4 (secuROM new protection) on both cdrw and cdr media.

My Tools are:

Toshiba SDM1502 (for reading)
Liteon LTR 32123S (for burning)
Brain with some good common sense
CloneCD v4.0.1.10
Blindwrite Suite v4.3.0.31

  1. read original game cd with clonecd in reader at 1x speed using securom profile

  2. read original game cd with blindwrite at 1x speed (nibble) and allow slowest speed for BWA builder.

  3. Use twinpeaks to patch both images point prog at .ccd & .bwa files and a “patched.ccd” image appears in clonecd for you to burn

  4. Tried installing this patched cd from toshiba and it hangs at 3%

  5. tried installing this patched cd from liteon and it installed perfectly, so much for the secuROM protection bring it on SOnY!!

PS dont ask me for the .BWA files as I tried other peoples and it had problems even on my burner install ( i also did not need to hide cdr media with clonecd to get the cd to install from the burner!) Use your own BWA file first and remember to install from the burner in the reader installation hangs at 3% on this game.


Toshiba, Plex and ASUS can’t install these backups.


im looking for a crack version of cm4, any url ???


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ok gotcha…:wink:


Hello to all,

Hope this is allowed, otherwise a mod. can remove this.
Protection: Securom
Backed-up my original of CM4 the following way:

  1. Created a image with CloneCD and standard securom setting.
  2. Created a BWA file with BWA builder.
  3. Patched the CloneCD image with Twinpeak 0.2 and the BWA file.
  4. Wrote the patched.ccd image back to a CDR.

Runs ok without any problems.
Best regards,



Although this method doesn’t require emulation the CDs produced often won’t install (but will play) from better readers such as Toshiba, Asus and Plextor.

NOTE: A spikeless BWA file increases the chances of a Toshiba, Asus or Plextor being able to install and play CDs made with this method.