Championship Manager 4



Hi, just in case anyone is interested I made a 1:1 of Championship Manager4 using Blindwrite the version of the protection is SecuRom V

I have used the search button to find subject so sorry if this has already been posted:)


Nice one…was gonna ask that question. I’ve already ballsed 3 discs using Alcohol 120% trying CM4.

Couldn’t be a nice chap and tell me the setting please or link me up to some somewhere?

Also, what version of Blindread/write did you use? I heard a few versions are securom un-friendly


wouold b nice if u can share the BWA file


I just tried using Blindread/write V4.2.5 and it failed. Then again its the first time I have used this tool, so prolly my fault…

Any chance of some settings…and what/how do you create these BWA files?

UPDATE Yes! its was my fault for not reading some of threads on how to use Blindread :slight_smile:
Now have working copy of CM4



I have used the latest version of blindwrite
I am using my faithful Liteon 40x12x48x: 40125w firmware WS09
When using the BWA builder I use 1 speed as if you use a higher speed it is very sensitive and try to avoid any other operation on your pc.
when you use Blindwrite to write the image file use DAO PW writing mode I write at speed 8 so not to get read errors.
I do not not know how to show my Bwa file on this forum so if anyone can mail me how to I will post it,However I think you need to make your own Bwa file from using your own cd rewriter.
Good Luck.



thanks jellybelly, I made two coasters already before I knew clonecd dont copy securom (new).

I will try blindwrite on my toshiba sdm1502 and liteon cdrw


If you download the latest ClonyXXL v2.0.1.4c and the latest Bones CCD4 Profiler v1.2:


Use the pfofiler and it will tell you that clone cd would not have been able to copy the new secuRom:)


sorry but does your copy need the autoplay function to be installed ?
i mean does it need emulation ?



If you mean emulation?
Make sure you have blindwrite installed on every machine you intend to install and play the game on:)