Championship Manager 4 backup

Does anyone know which clone cd profile i should use to make a backup of championship manager 4.

You haven’t read the FAQ :stuck_out_tongue:

Championship Manager 4 (UK CD) is SecuRom

I’ve made a working backup (well almost) using the same method as done for Unreal Tournament 2003:
Credit to Philamber

My BWA files

My “BWA patched” CD doesn’t install the game as it has a read error at 3% (can’t find a file) but will load and play the game if it is installed.

I burned my backup using my LiteOn 40125s (40x version) @ 1x and it takes about 20sec’s to recognise the cd in my Toshiba dvd and takes almost 60sec’s to do it in my bro’s Pioneer 106s.

Installed the game using an un-patched copy (just copied using GameCD profile with Clone and then swapped it for the BWA patched copy and booted it. Game also still boots with the “enhancement” coughpatchcough :D.