Champions league final

who do u think will win
Real Madrid or Bayer Leverkusen

I guess Real Madrid, but never underestimate the Germans.
It is a posibility that they’ll win it.

dit jaar weet ik het niet, maar volgend seizoen is het weeral prijs voor Juve.
En dan ga ik feesten in Stadio delle alpi.

Tja en ik gok op de snutzen alhoewel iedere hollander dit anders zou willen zien… hehe

Oh, ja , vergeet ik nog te zeggen…
ik moet bijna mijn koffers pakken voor Japan…
grinnik…grinnik… hehehehehehe

eeh stevie ? english please ? :slight_smile:

of course Mr Belvedere…

I hope my apology is being accepted…
I off now for some Japanese food… hehehe (— english hehehe)

I guess Real has the upper hand, but as someone stated already don’t underestimeta the germans. Although i am not fond of them, i have to admit they do have a solid team … i wouldn t be supprized if they won :frowning:

I think Bayer Leverkussen will lose by 2-1… i think they have done so well but come so near to winning the league and the germa cup so Real will win.


I think Bayer players will get asprine from Bayer in order to perform a littlebit better than Real…

If Real plays at its best, no team can beat them. I mean: Raul, Figo, Zidane, … in one team? Give one of those players to an other team and they win everything.

when do they play? today?

nope, tomorrow

serpentuk was right real won 2-1
what a goal from zizu the best goal of the year