Champ Manager 4



Hi there People,

I made a Copy of Championship Manager 4 using this method outlined at this link. however i could not make a successfull one. When i put the copied cd in my rewriter drive (TDK cyclone 24/10/40B) the cd keeps making these whining noises but never can fully spin. I used the BWA builder etc and had a straight curve and all. But it still doesnt work and now ive had it with it. Can anyone shed some light or give me some idea’s or anything?

:bow: :Z


It is Securom v4.* and it can’t be straight line. :confused: There must be some twinsectors. What about to try Alcohol. And are you sure that you have original version :cop:


Apologies…You are right it is not a straight line. It does have some peaks but not huge ones…Yes i do have the Original…but i cant get my backup to work.


Try to make backup with Alcohol. With BlindWrite there is no 100% that it will work. With Alcohol and RMPS there is 100%.