Challenging Question on XP WMP10

Hey all; this is something really weird I can’t seem to be able to solve myself. I’m on XP SP2 and I’ve just installed windows media player 10. All of a sudden, the info Windows usually shows you about mp3 files (the Id tags you can see either in grey below the file name on the explorer windows; or viewing the properties of each file) are gone! And this is only for mp3, any other file type (e.g. .exe) will say things like ‘executable file’ etc etc. But not on mp3s! Even if you hover the mouse arrow over the file, the only info it’ll show is how big it is (instead of title, album, kbps, etc, as before)
Hope someone realizes what’s wrong with my PC.

does wmp still play the mp3s? try right clicking the file and going to properties. maybe there is something obvious in there

indeed wmp and others (qcd player for instance) play the mp3s and read the tags and bitrate; showing all the info that was displayed in the properties tab and in grey letters before. as it is now, if i go to properties it’ll only ask you for track number, comments and title (instead of all the usual info like, style, year, artist, etc etc) Again this is only for .mp3s (just the ones I really need)
Very weird… thanks for reply

weird - this software seems to help, but im not sure what would have turned this off in the first place.

I’m checking out the software, seems to be just what I need. Thanks for the helping hand!