CHALLENGE- "Coal Miner's Daughter"

My wife ordered Coal Miner’s Daughter from Blockbuster and it arrived yesterday. She asked if I would make her a back-up; and I happily obliged. Like most of you; I’ve enjoyed doing this for over 3 years, and with the software available; 99.9% of the time it is a snap.

Well, I have found that "other .1%!:confused:
Granted; I love a challenge, but this one has me stumped pretty good. I have found that the old stanby "DVD Shrink will handle aprox 95% of everything out there with no issues. New releases as well! Really. Try it.
After Shrink couldnt handle it, I tried DVD Decrypter. Clone DVD couldn’t touch it either. Rare to have it give an issue as well. Stumped it as well. I still swear by burning with Decrypter, but that is another story…

So now I bring out the big guns:bigsmile:. DVD Fab 4.120 It takes alot to make this program cringe. It truely is the very best program out there. After taking over 30 minutes to analyze the disc; it gave the msg that I woud have to a “custom” or “main movie only”. Thats okay. Thats all my wife really wanted. Its been "cooking for over 11 hours now and has copied less than 58%!:sad:
I am running XP SP2 with 1.5 gig of memory. Never been stumped like this!
Its getting it, and I’m grateful, but also bizarre!

I know this is an old movie, on Columbia and has the “Interactive player” junk on it. I suspect that is the true issue.
I hope someone will try this challenge and see how you do. I truely feel that if all movies had whatever it is is that this one has, NO movies would ever be copied!

Go into DVD FABS settings and disable pathplayer

eugene0816;I’m going to make a couple of assumptions here,That you have watched the whole movie from the new disc to make sure it’s OK.Looked the disc over visually for any defects.Checked it with Nero CD-DVD Speed or a simular program.That you have updated DVDFab.
You have CloneDVD do you have AnyDVD to use with it?
IMO if AnyDVD doesn’t remove the protections you are out of luck.It will show you what it has removed & spot anything else usually.
Sometimes even the updates to a program are the problem & if you have saved older versions they actually work better.

Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate the suggestion, as I have tried it before and simply forgot about it.
Still stumped, though. Rebooted, disabled pathplayer, and it has been “analysing” for over 42 mins now with 75% analysed.
I do love a challenge, but maybe I’ve met my match!
Again, thank you for the help and your time!
Take care!

Thank you as well! Good questions! We have watched the movie completely, and tried it on a 2nd player. Its ok. I do have the Any DVD for CloneDvd. Couldnt touch it! Thank you both for everything. Might have to send it to the old VCR!

I copied this movie with DVDFab over a year ago with no problems. It sounds like the optical drive you are using to read the disc is in PIO transfer mode (and that the disc is either dirty or damaged), which can be checked in Device Manager/IDE Controllers. DVDFab can normally reset DMA using the button in Common Settings. Please remember that this is the DVDFab forum.

eugene0816 has been backing up other discs sucessfully so his burner settings should be OK.
I’m really thinking this is a damaged disc even if it plays something is preventing it from making a copy.
In my experience disc damage is the only thing I have had CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD fail to make a backup copy .
I don’t have this movie so I can’t say if it has problems on all its copies but probably not.signals said he made a copy with no problems.
So look this disc over visually & with Nero CD-DVD Speed to see if you can find a defect.I would return it & get a new copy of this disc before you waste too much time.

I’m with cholla on this one: Sounds like a bad press or a damaged disc.

Exchange, retry, and post back with results.

I am assuming this is the old title " Coal Miners Daughter" This was backed up successfully with every program out there. I am sure the disc is bad, just because it plays does not mean it will backup correctly.

Try setting DVDFab to “Ignore all read errors” in Common Settings. If it reads OK but completes too quickly (with too small an output file) it’s pretty good evidence that the disc is bad. Also, disc damage=read errors=PIO in many cases.