Chad Vader - day shift manager

Yeeees, I sense great anticipation in you! It’s because of Episode II of Chad Vader which has just been released onto the imperial datagrid. You will make no remarks that July 31th was a while ago. waves hand

If you have missed Episode I do 744 force situps now!

Your feeble Jedi mind tricks will have no affect on me!

This entity known as Chad Vader bears some slight resemblance to a certain human master of the dark side, and although this Chad’s powers are weak, he does offer some amusement.

You shall be well rewarded for making this known to us.

  • Darth Draco

GOLDEN POST! :bigsmile:
Btw I found a picture of you Draco.

Such a pretty smile :slight_smile:

Chad is now the night manager in Episode III

can i download anywhere these videos cause i cant watch them in Deer Park and i dont wanna go back to 32bit Firefox (i am in refusal yes)

lol the joy of new technology
You can go here and then watch them with flvplayer.

He is a disgrace to the Vader name! He still offers some amusement, however.

Laundry day can be a bit embarrassing if you do it at the last possible moment. Next time I shall not be so careless.

The feeble-minded fool who took this photo has been dealt with appropriately.
He now cleans all the dirty storm-trooper underwear at Mos Eisley by hand, and he’s not allowed to use any detergent. He is already begging to be put to death instead of suffering this cruel fate. I will consider it in a month or so…

  • Darth Draco

Chad Vader in Episode IV

Chad Vader is now all the way up to Episode VII.

He still is a disgrace to the Vader family name.

  • Darth Draco