CH10LS20 (aka UH10LS20) Versus SH-B123A

Having a hard time deciding which one to get!

As far as I can see, on paper the SH-B123A has slightly better specs overall.
But there’s no decent reviews yet, & the SH-B123A doesn’t have lightscribe!*

Is that a big deal…
Do many of you heavy ODD users actually use lightscribe or labelflash a lot?
Or is it still more of a gimmick?

Any preference between the two and your rationale are greatly appreciated!

*Samsung Australia has decided not to bring the SH-B123L into the country.
So if I order the SH-B123L from overseas there’ll be no local support…
And besides that, the SH-B123L is still rare overseas anyway!

Well over 12hrs so a quick bmp, apologies if this is against rules.
Anyone? Thank-you very much, good-night.

Anyone? Thank-you.

Anyone? Thank-you.

My Vote goes to the LG, the only negative that LG has is that they release a one or two firmware updates, other than that it should be a good drive.

I don’t suppose you could briefly outline your rationale for that?
The SH-B123A looks better on paper overall*, aside from nil lightscribe, which I don’t really care about.

*at least at 1st glance it does, I’m going to type their listed specs side-by-side very soon.

Everywhere I’ve read says there’s no difference between the ch10ls20 and uh10ls20.

Even LG’s site seems to verify this…

But when I look at CDRLabs, it seems to suggest they are slightly different

Frack I hope they’re not, because CH10LS20 is the only version available in Australia.

So assuming CDRLabs is accurate, here’s CH10LS20 & SH-B123A specs.
I think the latter’s missing quite a bit of detail, as it hasn’t been reviewed by them.

I hope to find a good source or sources*…
And have all the specs from both drives neatly lined-up alongside one another before making a final decision.
If anyone knows of any that’d be an easy “copy&paste” job, please let me know.

*This’ll be better for the the samsung

Fuck it, can’t be fucked… I’m just getting the SH-B123A.
I’ll have it soon if anyone wants me to provide bench data for the site’s records?
Just tell me what apps I need to run… Cheers

So impatient :(. Please, let’s keep the language civil for us old folks ;).

If the 123A has the same build quaity as my 83L, I suspect it will be a good drive. Unlike the LG, you may have to wait a bit for someone to get around to giving you the option to speedpatch the firmware to make it a good ripper.

LOL sorry, I can get a bit “colourful” at times, it wasn’t an expression of irritation.
Surely the support will arrive eventually though? And it has the potential to be a faster ripper when it does.

Holy cow just noticed how many ODD you have…
Why in the world would anyone need that many?! :slight_smile:

's OK. I’ll get over it :).

It is a tough choice. 10X ripping today or 12X ripping eventually, hopefully. Your guess is as good as mine on how soon that might happen. Thanks to MCSE, I already have 10X ripping with my WH10. Just use the Sammy for scanning.

I had a few full tower cases laying around, and can’t stand to see an empty drive bay :rolleyes::).
Always on the look-out for the best burner/media matches. And with tools like MCSE and tweaks from COdeKing, you never know when you might squeeze a little extra goodness from a drive :D.

hrrmmff… you’re making me 2nd guess myself, time to go for a jog and clear out the cob webs!

LOL :bigsmile:.
I know that feeling. On the bright side, I notice that the firmware is already posted and available to be worked on at rpc1. You may wish to express interest in seeing a patch in the Samsung patch utility or MCSE thread. Preferably after a good jog with all your diplomatic skills intact :bigsmile:.

Long jog :slight_smile: Do you know if there’s already support for the SH-B083L?
If there is, then hopefully it should be relatively easy to add the same support to the Samsung Patch Ute & MCSE.

Perhaps I should chat with MCSE & Samsung patch ute devs to garner what support might be like?
If it’s pretty crude and is likely to remain that way for some time, then I’ll get the LG I guess…

Looks like MCSE support is very limited for the foreseeable future compared to the LG

I’m now looking into whether support might be a bit better via the “samsung patch ute” route (from codeguys)

Dean I don’t suppose you saw these last two posts?

Thanks mate.

@deanwitty? Thanks mate.

[QUOTE=jalyst;2543585]@deanwitty? Thanks mate.[/QUOTE]
It appears that the CH10 is supported in MCSE for riplock removal and RPC2 auto-reset. The Samsungs are not yet supported in MCSE or Samsung patch utility.