CH-DVD to continue Toshiba's battle?



I just posted the article CH-DVD to continue Toshiba’s battle?.

Besides news surrounding DVD Download/DL it was announced that a Chinese HD DVD format could follow in Toshiba’s steps and continue the high-def format war. The DVD steering committee has officially…

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Is it the 1st of April yet again :+ :+ Hopefully not :B hopefully this will mean the resurrection of the HD-DVD format!!! COUNT ME IN :X :X


I don’t think the market could take two HD formats, and I still don’t. I was pretty indifferent between hd-dvd and bluray (hd-dvd was region free, bluray has more capacity per layer, and they both have crackable copy protection). I think HD optical media has a hard enough battle with one format to lure the masses, let alone competing formats.


@Zod, Well it has already taken two DVD formats! why can’t it take two HD ones?! or have we just forgotten that DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs are two totally different products with different standards?! How could you forget the -R vs +R war so easily?! and well, the war has ended up in a tie, that’s what i wish for the HD format war as well… I REALLY love HD-DVD, but that doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate Bluray!! both of the formats have their pros and cons, and if both are supported by the market, then all will be fine!!! and all will get seamlessly integrated into the devices we have that the only way we’ll notice the difference would be the Storage space!!! (and the lousy DRM on the Bluray :p)


The DVd +/- war only affected blank media. It didn’t have any effect on the dvd-roms used for movies. The stores already allocate little space for bluray (even less when they split it up between hd-dvd and bluray), just pick a format and go with it (someones going to make the royalties its inevitable). We need the non teksavvy types to adopt HD so that they put more in stores, so the labels sell more, so more of our favorite titles can get released. I think with multiple formats on the shelf, people will stay away (hell i think they’ll stay away with 1 format, but 2 will just make it worse). Standardization goes along a way.


Ressurection of the HD-DVD format? LOL So, what content will be put on these disks? Chinese movies? Do you seriously think the major studios will put their content on these disks? No, really?


Well well. I’m in for Blu-ray but nevertheless with China’s population of 1.3billion, which studio do you think won’t support them? It’s still a long way to go, they have to manufacture the hardware, Studios if ever support the new CH-DVD still have to convert their masters to the new format. Still another year or two I think. In the meantime I hope Blu-ray will be all over the market, cheap and affordable. :d


HD DVD can never die. It didn’t work out here, but maybe it will in China. If it fails there, we’re off to India. Someone will make it work. HD DVD is like a turd that won’t flush. :slight_smile:


I personally don’t care about HD DVD ROM/R/RW because of BD-ROM/R/RE. The one bad thing is HD DVD-RAM also dead…

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DukeNukem wrote “HD DVD can never die.” Listen DukeNukem HD DVD is DEAD!!DEAD!!! Let me define the meaning of DEAD for you… deprived of life : no longer alive. Sorry but there’s no way back for HD DVD. :B :B


awww spoilsports!!! this site has become sh1te in recent years, mainly due to the fact that some of the usual suspects would rather slag off a company, for obvious reasons, ie, DRM, and the fact that they went out early and bought a dud (HD-DVD), than support a new medium that beat their old one!! hopefully the masses will embrace bluray, and make it big!!! the chinese will never get their format off the ground, live with it!! :B


@Zod, johnzap well, i don’t really care about movie releases, all i care about is the new disc formats for data storage and archival purposes, and if i really care about videos, then it’s for my own recordings, and that’s why when i think about the next storage media, then reliability, error correction, fragility and archival life are among the things that i would consider as top priorities, in addition of course to the price of buying the blank media. that’s why i;m all for the HD-DVD format, and well, when Bluray proves to be such a reliable format, then i’m gonna be the first to support it! and i won’t have a problem supporting both of the formats!!


@ micro$soft “HD DVD is DEAD!!” That’s what they said about disco. But it’s still alive and well. @ steveo119 “this site has become sh1te in recent years” So you’re leaving us, then?


the news is ok, when you’re not writing it!! :+ and i will be leaving because of the anti sony and anti bluray comments you and crabby put on here !! i respect many views, but after hearing the same one for the 1 millionth time, it gets tedious!! its a shame because this site has got potential, but not when you and your anti-sony cronies are going to put your one-sided views out time and again!! :r



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