CG4E- now nero wont work

Hi guys, I have a 4kus 812s which I flashed with cg4e last night.
All seems to have gone well, however when I go into NeroBurning Rom it doesnt list my drive anymore. Where it list the drive it says “Virtual Device” and doesnt give me the usual DVD burning options - only those for CD.

All other app’s (shrink/decrypter/identifyer) recognise it now as a liteon SOHW 832s CG4E

I did a reinstall of nero but no luck.
Any ideas? :confused:

I’m picking that you are using an OEM version of Nero that came with the drive. The moment you change the drives ID from 4KUS to Liteon it will no longer work. You’ll need to buy a full version of Nero to correct the problem…