Cg3e & Cmc Mage01

Upgraded my drive to CG3E and burnt a DVD+R (CMC MAGE01): disaster!
I followed the hint from one of CodeGuys (don’t remember who, BTW), and always set writing strategy for this medium to ProdiscS03, with acceptable results (1st scan). What happened (2nd scan) with the new firmware? CD/DVD speed’s result is image #3

id burn a multisession of 4 1gb files in order for the drive to learn using this new firmware, when i moved from CG3B to VY06 the first +r disc i made was terrible but the rest were ok so perhaps the learnt media is playing up with the new firmware and it needs to learn again using the new firmware, im probably wrong but its worth a try

Try switching the CMC MAGE01 to the CMC MAGR01 strategy and also enabling 4x, 6x and 8x for the CMC MAGR01. :wink:

Done. Results seem worse than ever :frowning: And now what?