CG3B Firmware DVD-R Tweaked by me... (MCC and Princo strat switches and speedhacks)

Thanks a lot for the codeguy that he is doing great things like modifiying
CG3B firmware and improving DVD+R writing quality.

And here is my work for optmizing DVD-R Quality for :

  • Princo 4X DVD-R Data/Video (Princo Corporation Made)
  • Verbatim 4X DVD-R (Mitsubishi Chemicals Made)

After spending around 40 Media’s for each brand above.Here are the awesome results :

Princo DVD-R Results :

Verbatim DVD-R Results :

Here is the download link for CG3B DVD-R Optimized :

CG3B DVD-R Optimized

Things done in summary :

  • Princo 4X DVD-R Writing Quality improved a lot
  • Verbatim 4X DVD-R Writing Quality improved a lot
  • Princo DVD-R 6X Writing Support without much quality loss (PI=16 , PIF=2)
Take care all

And one other thing i forgot to mention.

Some guy opened a topic like “DVD+R is better than DVD-R”

Nonsense totally.

As can be seen above from the K-Probe Results, it’s just about Writing Strategies nothing else.

If correct Writing Strategy is used for DVD-R Media than it will be written as
much perfect as a DVD+R.


Looks great, it’s nice to see DVD-R getting some support :slight_smile:

Any chance of looking at FUJIFILM03 strategies? There seem to be a few of us having problems with these disks in liteons.

As soon as i find these disks.i will work on these too :stuck_out_tongue:

But let me say that in Omnipatcher program Auto Tweak settings
dont always give good results, i dont know why.

If you have 50 DVD-R’s it’ much better to try each Writing strategy :stuck_out_tongue:
and find the best writing strategy for your media :smiley:

I´m sure all of us know how to use OmniPatcher. :cool:

Something i would like to inform you about.

Writing Quality in a DVD-R or DVD+R Media is just not always enough
for reading your recorded DVD’s around.

My Experience : Despite written perfectly ,Verbatim 4X Media,was refused
to be read by Toshiba DVD-Rom.Because the situaiton is not just PI ve PIF
levels.its also Reflectivity of the media.

Princo DVD-R 4X Data/Video Media is much better than Verbatim 4X DVD-R
Media’s both in terms of Reflectivity and Writing Quality.

I strongly recommend with the Liteon DVD-R Tweaked firmware above with
Princo 4X DVD-R Data/Video.


what did you change to optimize it?

yea, what write strategy did u use for princo? although i don’t use princo’s anymore, the results seem really good compared to the time i burnt princos.

Very questionable… :eek: I can send you AT LEAST 5 Princos, that lost COMPLETELY their dye in 6 or 7 dots, only a couple of days after they were burnt. One of those was completely ruined by a SINGLE reading on a stand-alone DVD player (yes, the player works ABSOLUTELY well). Never happened this to any of DVD-/+R I used 'til now. Even AML-coded DVD-Rs burn MUCH better than Princos, and their parameters seem to be better than Princos :Z

Whats worrying me most is the lack of information and the namening of firmware. Same as c0deguys CG3B. The link has been up for some time now and I have hard to believe he got c0deguys approval.

Where are c0deguys. I think we have to rattle the cage. :wink:

Or at least have specific details on the “improvements” made to -R burning.

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but your mcc 01 rg 20 Scan for a SOHW-832S is bad O.o (especially the curve on the start)
The Princo looks good.


I simply changed writings strategies for these medias.

Princo ----> Princo8X02
Verbatim —> TYG02

Sorry, my mistake - being slow today. You have explained yr improvements. Not applicable to me as I don’t use these media, but a good attempt to improve -R burns.
But agree with below - cannot call it “improved CG3B”.

That “work” was done by c0deguys and Omnipatcher.

With help of Omnipatcher, and can be done by whoever.

I advise you again, kindly terminate the link. To my knowledge you don´t have any approval for linking. Se also my post above :wink:

If you would like to spend 50 DVD Medias for nonsense go ahead and do it.otherwise
keep quiet.

And I already send 2 PM’s to codeguys.

Who changes the write strategy for Verbatim media with mcc media codes ? loooool
Sorry but i dunno why that should help mcc 01/02 rg 20 are working fine with the most SOHW-832S Drives.


I am not a noob.I know what i am doing.

Verbatim Media’s are fine of course but note that reflectivity of these
media’s causes some Dvdrom drives to not to identify the media.

Toshiba SD-C2502 Dvdrom refused to read Verbatim media.

any other ideas ?

lite-on 851s@832 >cg3b no write strat changes
here is a k-probe scan of dvd-r media = datawrite fujifilm03>8x,media written @4x.
seem to be havin some good results with this media so far,also datasafe g04s
pi max=45 pif max=9

Completely OT while we wait for jacen9’s scans… :wink: - s-on-t uk?