CFS2-buggy sound

Using latest registered Clonecd to make b/u CFS2. Works fine but sound is distorted. Tried 2x same results

using latest ver Clonecd(registered)
sd protected re clony
enable FES- default setting 0 reread software
Plex 1210A 1.08 firmware
sony 52x cdrom
amd1000mhz cpu

Wondering if Plex manager 2000 creating any problem-have b/u other games with SD protect- no problem-thought I used hardware setting in FES settings???- any ideas folks

The rule of thumb with Plex Manager is to uninstall PM, install CloneCD, reboot then re-install PM - hope this helps

Always had PM installed, no problems before this with trial version of clonecd-With trial version making b/u took over an hour, with reg ver. minutes (it reads and copies at max spd) As far as I can determine this only thing happening thats different-does speed make a difference ? get the sound but towards end of each event its gets garbly