CES: Studio execs say 4K, 48 FPS will be industry standard

Execs from all the major studios testified to the myriad innovations they’re bringing to film distribution on digital platforms at the Variety Entertainment Summit on Wednesday, the first of a two-day event at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Link: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118064432/?utm_source=MESA+Email+Newsletter&utm_campaign=eea1dbe144-my_google_analytics_key&utm_medium=email


How do they expect to distribute 4K video? The file sizes will be huge and downloads at normal internet connection speeds seen today will take far too long for most to accept. Not to mention data caps.

Physical distribution? On what, triple and quad layer Blu ray? Those will be marginal at best. It also means millions of new players would be necessary, and [B]regular[/B] blu ray hasn’t even become the dominant format yet.

You need new displays, new players, new distribution channels and physical media…this just will not fly. Not anytime soon.

[B]4k is already been transmitted via satellite, eg. on Eutelsat 10A![/B]

Netspeeds will increase and sat transmission capabilities too… I see no problem with that, only with the quasi non-existant content so far!