Certain "Studios" skip?!?



I have a question. I’m pretty new to alot of this stuff, but I was wondering why do certain Universal, Warner Bros., and New Line Cinema not copy well at all. For instance on Universal most movies “skip” on play back, and with Warner Bros and New Line the audio doesn’t match up with the video. Any one have an idea on what gives?


Skipping and play back problems are almost always due to poor quality media. Make sure your burner has recent firmware in it and burn the discs at their rated speed - it’s a myth that burning slower produces a better quality burn.

Taeo Yuden 8x +R injet printables from rima.com work the best for me.


I haven’t actually burned the movie to a blank DVD, but I use ImTOO dvd ripper to backup the movie on my computer and can tell on preview that the movie is not gonna copy well. For example…Universal movies such as “Doom”, “Van Helsing”, and “Bruce Almighty” have this glitch in them which appears to make the movie skip on playback. Can it be that my main burner is not working and I’m using the secondary one which is a “Philips DVD+RW DVD8601” to backup it up to the computer and it’s not good enough? It just perplexes me that some will copy so well but others give me such problems…any ideas?


I’m not familiar with that ripper, maybe try SlySoft’s CloneDVD - they have a free trial period.

Playback issues on the pc are frequently problems with the pc - is it an older machine? I had an old Emachines with a 667 Celeron and DVD playback was flawless, I also had a 1.1ghz Celeron in a DFI board and it couldn’t play a DVD to save your life - always choppy. I later found it was a VIA chipset configuration problem and there was a freeware program to fix it.

Anyway, it sounds like a hardware problem on the pc.

Try using AnyDVD and CloneDVD - the are designed to work together, then try burning a DVD and see how it plays . . . my DFI board that couldn’t play a DVD could burn one with no problems, so maybe you can luck out also.

Again, though . . . use QUALITY media or you wont know if you are sitting with a hardware problem or a media problem, so just eliminate the media problem to make troubleshooting easier.


Use the correct programs(which you will find by reading this forum) and use the correct media(which you will also find by reading here-verb or ty) and you WILL get correct results( which you will see also by reading here) Good luck.


It could just be that the ImTOO ripper doesn’t overcome the protection on the DVDs too well.

If the disc is protected the solution would be to use Ripit4me in conjunction with DVD Decrypter. This’ll get the DVD video on to your HDD where you can play it or strip out extras & compress to fit a single layer DVD, using DVD Shrink.


Use AnyDVD & CloneDVD.


I was just giving the free options as these work perfectly well.


I get the same results when using CloneDVD and DVD shrink. The main thing is I’m trying to convert these files to play on my Ipod which is my main source of watching movies since I got it. The weird thing is that certain Warner Bros. movies have it where the audio and video don’t match up. I hear it right before I see it happen. But some WB movie work fine. The same thing with New Line.


Dude … why did you wait two days to tell anyone you are converting these movies for output on an ipod? That’s [I]just[/I] a little bit important. I not sure if anyone here even heard of ImTOO ripper … is it designed to convert to ipod format? And in your second post, you wrote about your “burner”(s) to describe a function known as ripping. So everyone here is giving you advice for burning and media! Oh well, that’s ok, you’ll learn as you go.

Your issue has nothing to do with what studio made the movie … the different results you got are pure coincidence. It also has nothing to do with AnyDVD. And it probably has nothing to do with your computer either. I think that you need to use the correct tools for conversion to output on an ipod. Try the 21 day free trials of “CloneDVD Mobile” and “AnyDVD”: use them together.

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Well after going 3 for 3 I have officially wipped the egg off my face. You were right all the way around Whisperer1. Seriously you were dead on…I downloaded the CloneDVD Moblie and like I said have gone 3 for 3 on movies that were giving me problems. So thank you very much on helping out a novice such as myself. All kidding aside I do appreciate it.