Certain homemade CDs play slow?

Hi Guys, I’m 74 and not too great with techy things so please be patient.
I’ve been making some home recordings using a Karaoke app on my windows 10 laptop.
Basically I connect my laptop to my tv and play a Karaoke track , I sing along to the track and record it on my phone, they play back fine on the phone.
I send them back to my laptop and they play back fine .
But when I burn them to a CD using Burnaware to a external DVD-R/W, some tracks play back fine others at a very slow speed.
Any ideas.

Welcome to Myce.
Before burning them to CD, you will need to convert them to 44.1Khz .WAV files
CD audio is played back at a sampling rate of 44.1KHz. If they have been authored at a different bit rate they will playback either to fast or to slow.

Hi, I checked and they’re at 44.1, My friend managed to successfully burn them using his PC and DVD writer. So it must be a setting in my PC or writer, I did get an onscreen message saying " Exception access violation code oooooo ??? " ?. The bit rates are different some were only 128 , most were around 170.
I’ll get my PC expert guy to sort it out.
Thanks for your help

The bit rate needs to be 44.1KHz for CD audio.
Which software are you using to burn the CD’s?

I use Burnaware free version.

I’m not familiar with that software, but perhaps you could convert the audio files you have into a CD Audio compatible format before burning.
You could try this free software.

Or Audacity which is a lot more powerful but requires a learning curve. Audacity is also free.