Cerebral Palsy

The boy got brain damage from physical shock a few months ago. His father earns about US$1,000 per month. No property while paying US$300 per month for the “one-room” where his family lives. The boy’s parents created a web cafe to attract attention and possibly donations.

http://cafe.naver.com/yungunlove.cafe (Not posting this link here for donations - which is technically nearly impossible anyway except for me - but just for picture links)

Hardly enough, but it helped take care of the medical cost. I don’t know them personally and first heard of the story this morning by chance while browsing some websites especially about the government’s recent policy changes regarding disabled people. (Government wants to remove tax reduction on LPG for seriously disabled drivers which will increase LPG price for them back from about US$0.5 to US$8 per liter.) Just wondered what it would have been like for my wife when she was just like the boy 30+ years ago when medical technologies were not as mature as are now and social environment was much worse. And how many families in the whole world are in such situations. At least thousands of USDs hospital cost per month and no more than about 500 to spend on it, how can they invest on humans as in education for progress with almost nothing to start from? Not so many years ago, the society just killed such babies without much hesitation or discussion and the old generation (including my own parents) still think that’s natural. I read in a book that also happened under Nazi, perhaps true to some extent.

On a more personal (or family) level, I’m looking for a maid who can take care of my wife and daughter so that I can be out of home for most out of 24 hours. I was very often in a near-panic state, but now our baby’s at least as healthy as most other babies in this country so I’m, I mean, I feel relieved. I’d prefer two instead of one, but having one perhaps will require far over $1,500/month so someone has to do everything from feeding, washing, cleaning, etc. Some things, as bad as it can be, happened in this year so I finally gave up a few things, for now. (Obvious, one of them is emmigration.)