Century Disc Archival Gold Review

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Century Disc’s Scratch-Protection Coating protects the disc’s recording surface and is applied through an advanced spin-coat manufacturing process.

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This is an awesome product! I was given a couple by my brother and they work great. I use a lot of discs for our church services and the name brand ones I have been buying are prone to scratch failure and some just fail right off of the spindle… not so with these Century Gold discs. I have not had one failure yet and I have burned over 30 of them, both CD and DVDs. One thing that really thrilled me was during the recent flooding in Northwest Indiana my basement office was flooded. It took me several days to retrieve all of the stuff I had just put down on the floor while I was redoing my office. Several boxes were my archived CDs. I figure that they were underwater or at least surrounded by water for nearly 4 days by the time I found them. The only discs that worked perfectly after I dried them off were the these Century discs! I had several dozen discs in the box that were made by Sony, Maxwell, Memorex, etc., and they all failed and had to be tossed out… all my family pictures and important financial and personal documents lost. The paper docs were lost in the flood as well. So, all of my backups did me no good. I don’t see in your review anything about water resistance but I am telling you that these CDs appear to be waterproof, even the labels did not bleed off and I was able to read what I wrote on them. I was not thrilled that my basement flooded, but I was thrilled to find an archival disc that I could trust in. I know they are pricey, but as the credit card commercials say… my stuff was priceless and now it is gone! I am currently transferring all of my current archival stuff onto these wonderful Gold discs. I checked on the RMGPRODUCTS.COM website and I think they are calling these discs, LIFETIME MEMORY DISCS now instead of just Century Disc Archival Gold. Please, for the sake of your memories, pix, and important papers, do yourself a favor and buy some of these discs and see for yourself how well they work. They are guaranteed against failure and they promise your money back on failed discs… which I have not had a one of them fail. I know this sounds lame to be so happy about an archival CD disc… but, if you would have seen the sad look on my wife’s face when she discovered I had accidentally left her grandparent’s photos and mementos in a corner of the basement on the floor and how mad she got when I assured her that all was not lost because I scanned the stuff into the computer and put them on CDs… and then had each and every one of them fail because they had gotten wet and were not thse gold discs… you would know that the price was no barrier and all of my archiving is being done on these discs from now on. This is a for real testimony, and I hope those who read this review will at least check them out and safeguard there memories and personal stuff before it is too late, as it was for my wife’s irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind photos and papers.

my god is this guy for real or wat ! these cd,s saved my life ! jesus wants you to buy them.call now on…

Hi, I have two questions about this media: Firstly, can the OP show us some pictures of the disc’s bottom side (data side) Second, does anyone know anywhere you can find these puppies in Europe?

I’m a little suspicious as well. If water ruined some of the CDs, it should have ruined these as well.

Wow, I guess the mention of the word “church” offends Tony. I bet the words sex, lust, and envy don’t. I think Tony should try to get a job with the ACLU (American Communist Lawyers Union). His mockery of God will be a perfect fit for what they are looing for! Jesus lives! :g

Wow, I guess the mention of the word “church” offends Tony. I bet the words sex, lust, and envy don’t. I think Tony should try to get a job with the ACLU (American Communist Lawyers Union). His mockery of God will be a perfect fit for what they are looking for! Jesus lives!

Are these any different from Verbatims Archival grade (which are to be said to be produced by Prodisc)? As far as i can tell they look identical.

Yes, the Verbatim Archival Grade differences are: the CDs do not have the scratch-resistant coating like the Century Discs. Neither the CD or DVD in the Verbatim A-Grade lineup have a universal print surface. The Century Disc has a unique printable surface so you don’t have to chose between IJ or Thermal, you can use either. That is the main “obvious” distinction. The Century Disc CDs and DVDs are made in limited production runs (25,000 per stamper die), resulting in a near perfect replica for each and every disc. (Replica meaning: each disc manufactured is exactly as the one made/pressed before it). Carl Glassford Sales and Marketing RMGProducts.com