Century Disc Archival Gold Review

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LOL ! I have quite a few Ritek based maxells here that are intact - but unfortunately (maybe fortunately) no G05 - and this is why one should never rely strictly on PIE/PIF scans, because those G05 gave exceptional scans when burnt - I remember burning a few for a friend (discs he provided me with) and they had exceptional scans, even so better than my TYs at that time… Maybe I should ask him if his discs still hold :smiley:

As far as Falcon Media, I am very curious about Falcon’s response to the advanced age testing fiasco - Falcon claims their discs last 100 years for the DVD, yet an independant lab gives them a lousy 0h score, with verbs also getting not so good scores down the line.

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I guess you are one of the lucky ones - count your blessings :bigsmile: