Censorship on DVD Player?



Hi! I have a question that seems a bit wierd. An LG DVD player I bought about 2 years ago plays all regions of DVD’s including one I picked up on a trip to Spain (which is why I bought the player, it was the only one that would play that DVD). The funny thing is, the sound cuts out during movies. Wierd. Checked all kinds of connections and had some techies look at it. Nothing strange detected. Then I made the connection between what the subtitles were saying (“Jesus”, “Shit”, F**K etc.) and the sound cutting out and have come to the rather disturbing conclusion that this player is protecting my delicate ears!!! Is this even possible?

Needless to say, I can’t really enjoy my Chris Rock DVD!

I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has heard of this.





Walmart was selling some players that edited software a few years ago but I don’t remember who made them. I also seem to remember they needed special discs but possibly that was a different censor. Maybe that is what you have. Have you checked the disc on another player?



Probably the disc, not the player, as chas points out. BTW, in the future, if you have a disc from a different region, you can make a backup of the disc with a DVD burner and remove the region protection of the disc so that it will play in other players.


as you didn’t say if this is a standalone dvd player…that maybe your tv’s vchip is set on g rated.?


DVD players do contain controls for movies in the menus. Though generally this is to set the age rating of the movies that are allowed to be played on it. I have not heard of any that censor the language, but I don’t doubt that it’s possible, though the most likely explaination about it being “bleeped” on the disc itself does not hold if the subtitles are still showing the censored words after all they would censor both.

Scobbie that depends where he is. If he lives in a EU country there is no need to rip/back up to remove region protection as we are all the same regieon.


Thanks everyone! The unit is a stand-alone player. I am located in Mexico (region 4) The discs are bought in the US and Canada (region 1) and also here. When I bought the player, I bought it because I was looking for a player that would play ANYthing - and I tried them all at the store because I had brought back a DVD from Spain. This player was the only one to play it.

This is just a theory I have because it doesn’t make sense. The discs, including Chris Rock’s raw live performance full of swearing etc, work fine on my Polaroid portable DVD player.

It is interesting what someone mentioned about the chip in the TV - although the DirecTV channels don’t present a problem with any sound cutting out. All my equipment, by the way, is run through a Yamaha amp.

Hopefully this clears up some of the doubts people have had. Thanks for all your input so far!

Saludos desde Mexico!


has this anything to do with PAL-NTSC ?


Not likely.

What’s the DVD player make & model?

Have you checked your dvd players Manual & performed the necessary steps to turn off the censorship?

Most DVD players have censorship settings available. If you haven’t set it, maybe the wife/ kids or someone else turned it on.