'Censored like' Interference...?

Hi guys:)

I recently converted/burned 9 various files from my HD to DVD disc. Here is some info…

Disc Info…

MPEG files
24 bits, 720 x 576, 25 fps
Lower Field First
(DVD-PAL), 4:3
Video data rate: Variable (Max. 2110 kbps)
Audio data rate: 224 kbps
Dolby Digital Audio, 48 KHz, 2/0(L,R)

Total size of the files before conversion:2186MB
Total size on disc: 4.02(4.32)GB/4 Hour 16 Min 42 Sec

Media Used: Taiyo Yuden Watershield 4.7GB DVD-R16X
Software Used: ULead Video Studio 11
DVD Player: Bush DVD/VCR Combi Recorder

When I play the disc, it’s fine when the picture is still/slow moving…it’s when the movement/action pics up the problem starts. It’s like the fast moving areas of the picture are being censored (blocky, checky like interference?).

I thought maybe I had went to low with the bitrate, but I was assured that “1000 kbps is definitely OK for a high quality vid”.

Any ideas, guys?:rolleyes:

If somebody could give me the correct term to what I’m seeing on the disc…I’ll go off and find some info myself.

So you converted 9 files to DVD right? what type of files before conversion? 1000kbps is not ok, for high quality DVD video…
I’m assuming you set that bitrate to fit 9 files on one SL disc right?
IMO, there are better proggys than Ulead,but again that’s my opinion…

WMV/AVI files.

Yes. I was trying to see how much I could fit on 1 SL disc…whilst keeping good quality/resolution.

If I put together some things I’m looking for in a program…could you recommend something, t0nee1?

Yes I would recommend FAVC,DVDflick, SVCD2DVD, some here use ConvertXTODVD…
The most I would fit on SL is 2.5hrs , but that’s me! others have there preferences… You might need to consider using DL media to backup that much video…good luck!..

Ok, thank’s for the advice mate.

So basically, the problem I’m seeing on the disc was down to the bitrate being to low…? Like I say, I’m happy with the quality…it’s the movement that sucks:sad:

If you’re happy then that’s all that matters…give those proggys a spin,and see if you like the results. Just remember the higher the bitrate,the better the quality,but less video files on disk… The lower the bitrate> more files on disc> lower quality…

The issues come either form the source or the used converter tools.

So, try to change at least one of them.

Ehhh, that makes it clear: "Video data rate: Variable (Max. 2110 kbps)"
Crap video source!!!