Cendyne Model# 4824P ? could not find info on this drive

I picked this Cendyne 4824P drive up recently.

I thought this was an acer/benq.

I looked through cdfreaks and searched.

The drive I have is the 4824P not the 4816P

I could not find this model being discussed.
All i found was an acer/benq 4816P

Is this the same company?

Does this drive differ from the 4816P?

“Might” be a rebadged lite-on does it have smart burn or just link underrun technology ?


Did you find an answer yet? I just bought the same CenDyne drive with the Drive Model labeled as 4824P. I assume it is not the Lite-on… about ~6 weeks ago I bought a 48x12x48 CenDyne with the Drive Model LTR48125W.

Drive Model LTR48125W = Lite-on :cool:
Drive Model 4824P=??? :confused:

If you have a CenDyne label on the drive, peal it off and see if the original is under it. Thats the way it was with the LTR48125W.

I guess Ill rip this label off soon… I got it at Office Max today for only $30 AND a $20 rebate. Only $10 total. They subbed the CynDyne drive for a Verbatim ($20 after rebate) they were sold out of.

nope still haven’t found an answer.

i have a 40x lite-on/cendyne and that drive is awesome.

I’m really hoping for a liteon.

What really threw me off was the fact that this model # isn’t being discussed anywhere.

There is a new model number sw-248. I think that is a samsung.

Let me know what it is. It would be greatly appreciated.

Bad News!!! Looks like its a BenQ.
The 4012P BenQ got a poor review on this site 5/10.
I cant find the 4824P on BenQ’s site but it follows BenQ’s naming convention and the font cover looks like a BenQ. Mine was made in Jan 03 so its very new. I suspect that it is a 48x24x48 not a 48x12x48? just due to the naming convention. I have not yet plugged it in.

Who knows mabe BenQ struck a home run with this one … ha ha ha.

CloneCD claims BenQ is at most a 1sheep depending on the model.

It was 10 bucks but I dont want a hastle.

i’ve been looking around.

this is definitely a Benq drive

here is the firmware

It seems like the 4816P is a better drive than the predecessors…hmmmm

I’m wondering if that translates to this Benq drive

This is BenQ 48w 24rw 48r with 8Mb buffer