CenDyne (Lite-On) 52x24x52 CD-RW $49.99

:bigsmile: OfficeMax has the CenDyne 52x24x52x CD-RW drive $119.99 - $20 IR - $30 MIR - $20 off $100 OfficeMax online coupon (web search OfficeMax Coupon) = $49.99.

Total needs to be over $100.00, so add a small item or other item that is free after rebate.

Link to your 11/3 Ad

CenDyne does package other brands. My local OM has Lite-On LTR-52246S drives (Check Drive Model on box) in the CenDyne box.

The ad that I see for it has it as $69.99 after $20 instant and $30 mail-in rebates…

You are correct, the ad says $69.99 after rebates. Before the $30 mail in rebate, it’s $99.99. If you buy another small item (i.e. paper clips, etc), or something that is free after rebate (see the ad), your total will be over $100. You can then use an online $20 off $100 purchase coupon. That will make your total purchase around $80, then you have a $30 rebate, now you have a drive for $50, and some bonus item (make a chain out of the paperclips to celebrate your purchase).

How do you find the coupon? Do an internet search (Google for example) for “OfficeMax coupon” and you will have a list of sites that have online coupons. Find the $20 off $100 purchase coupon. Typically these coupon sites will link you to the OfficeMax.com web site, and will automatically apply the coupon. When you checkout, you will see the coupon applied. Some sites may show you the actual code to use during checkout.

I have actually printed out the OfficeMax.com page that appears when the coupon is automatically applied, taken it to my local OfficeMax, and they have honored it. Last week I picked up a $299 CenDyne/Pioneer DVR-104 DVD-RW for $149.99 after rebates and coupon. The ad said $199.99 after rebates, but I took in the $50 off $250 online coupon, purchase a free after rebates 56k V92 modem, and walked out with the drive, modem and $60 in mail in rebates for $209.98 ($224 total after tax).

Do the search for the coupon online, and you’ll get a better deal. By the way, I did a Google search while writing this, and found the coupon link on the first site it listed.


The ads for Thanksgiving week are posted, and this time it is $49 after instant and mail-in rebates (no coupon needed).

At CompUSA they also have it for $49.99, it’s $69.99 with $20 mail in.