Cendyne (Lite-On) 52x CDRW burn problems

I just got a new Cendyne (Lite-On) 52x burner and it has been working great(copied several cd’s). But now when I try to copy an audio CD to use in my car the burn doesn’t come out right. When I play it in the computer there is all kinds of distortion and crackling sounds (no skips or jitter though) and it doesn’t even play in regular cd players like the others I’ve burned do with no problems. I have noticed the “Read Buffer Used” is near 100% now and I don’t remember it being that high before but maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. The only thing I changed was the firmware. I did upgrade the firmwasre for the drive according to the Lite-On site.

I can’t remember if the burns I did successfully were before or after the upgrade, but that’s the only thing I can think of that changed that would possibly cause problems.

This is the only drive in the PC so it uses disc image first then burns from the image. Never had a problem when I first got it. So I’m thinking it was the firmware upgrade. Nero says burn successful every time.

Any help would be appreciated. Anyone know how I can reload the original firmware to see if that is the problem?

I was also told it could be due to a copy protected CD. The two that didn’t come out are new releases so that could be possible too. I’ve already made 4 coasters and don’t really want to waste any mor CDR’s and the time either.