CenDyne introduces 32x10x40x CD-RW Drive & more!



I just posted the article CenDyne introduces 32x10x40x CD-RW Drive & more!.

Today CenDyne Inc. announced its plans for the last quarter of this year. It will introduce a 32x10x40x CD-RW Drive, the fastest drive so far. The drive will be both internal (IDE) as external…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2433-CenDyne-introduces-32x10x40x-CD-RW-Drive--more.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2433-CenDyne-introduces-32x10x40x-CD-RW-Drive--more.html)

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CDRW’s are basically taking the exact same route that CDRom drives took. I’m guessing, using the pattern trend of CDRom drives that people will stop caring about the burn speed at around this 32 stage. Anything faster and people just wont care!


Nila: that is a great point and I do agree. Onlything they can really improve on now is the ease of use so even lamers can do it! :slight_smile:


Once CD-RW Drives reach the 32X burn speed,there will not not be as many speed increases such as what we are seeing now. What will have to improve is the relability of the drives to burn CDR Media at that high of a speed. The current generation of 20x and 24x drives still have problems burning at their highest burn ratings and that is with the aid of Burn Proof technology. Once Burners reach the 32X burn spped there will be bottle necks created that may not allow the drive to operate at its maximum capability.


they can make writers as fast as they want but if they aren`t scsi I will never buy them…


Some quick calculation: 1 speed is 150kB/s a second, 32 speed is 150kB/s x 32 = 4,8 MB a second. 650 / 4,8 = 135 seconds to burn a CD !


Incredible, 135 seconds!! That’s the same or faster than a hard disk!! I don’t think you would need any faster than that - unless you’re trying to make a home made CD duplicating factory :4.


I do agree too ! 32x is really enough at this point…those super fast cd rw drives will be very expensive at first but when companies will focus their plans about increasing dvd recording speed , those cd rw drives will drop their price ! … and then I will change my 12x10x40 to some 32x…


Xian , can you ezplain me why you will never buy an IDE super fast cd rw drive ? I’ve been using both scsi and ide drives and to me they are the same…i mean , they give the same result ( a good recorded cd ). And IDE do cost less…


All I have to say is this: If this is the reaching the end of speeds where people care then PLEXTOR, PLEASE make a 24x SCSI CDRW because then at least you will have a model on the market that is around as high as anyone will want and it will give those of us that want SCSI (me included) the chance to buy a Plextor SCSI drive. SCSI drives aren’t that much more expensive, you can pick up a SCSI card pretty cheap if you just buy a generic one instead of an Adaptec one!!


i used to have a passion for all SCSI and I must say maybe I am not the person to compare a system with all IDE as I have SCSI 10k hdd but I notice no speeds probs with my 12x ide plex.


I bought TWO Cendyne products (a CDRW drive and a CD Rom). I got them cheap because of a rebate. NEITHER ONE could read a CDRW disc!!! The CDRW drive would write it and COULDN’T EVEN READ IT!! Cendyne is the lowest piece of sh*t product on the market. I sold those two drives immediately (and also got screwed on one of the rebates). Drives are going to get faster, but I just bought an Acer that is SLOWER than my current CDRW drive (Yamaha 2100E) because it can WRITE better. They think we buy drives just because they are fast? I would buy a freakin 1x burner if it could make a perfect copy of a PSX disc. I WANT SPECS…NOT SPEED!


Guys, let’s not forget something: 32x should in fact read ‘32x MAX’ - so Dominator’s calculation is wrong - the drive probably starts writing at 16x then links up to 24x and finally reaches 32x by the last third of the CD-R. So the average must be around 24x, which means 3.5MB/s (not 4.8), or 3 minutes 6 seconds.


I wonder if audio sounds as good burned at 32x as it does at lower rates. Proffesional producers still burn thier disks at 1x or a max of 2x to elimante as much error as possible claiming better sound at 2x as well. hmmm…I am still waiting for a cd-rw portable that has a mic & line input so I can record my favorite live band direct to Cdr at the local club venues. It would have to have anti-shock technology in record mode.


Recording audio at greater than 2x downs not create errors (execpt on really poor quality media). It just means the disc isn’t burned as deeply making it harder for audio cd players to read. Also Playstations can have problems with discs burned at high speeds due to them having a weak laser.