Cendyne DVD-/+r burner out!

Verbatim which is a subsidiary of Cendyne just announced they had a multi format burner out. So i was wondering if Cendyne had followed suit to and they have. Just checked their website and they had an external and internal multi format burner. Im wondering who they are repacking the burner from but you know they are the ones who are the market leaders in reducing DVD burner prices. Cant wait to see one on sale to buy it.

msrp of $299 i think for the internal one. same price as lite-on msrp right?

I dont know the MSRP yet…As they start reaching the stores we will be finding out

well, for the verbatim’s MSRP is already known. what is actually charged when they hit stores is not MSRP.

I’m not sure what the MSRP is, but Costco has the drive for a mere $229, and that’s damn good, IMO. No rebates or coupons or PM’ing to deal with, just need a Costco membership, which I have. :bigsmile:


But I’d like to know who makes this drive? Is it an NEC or Sony rebadge?

Guys over at CDRlabs seem to think that it is an NEC rebadge, based on the specs.

One of the CDRLabs members got the drive and confirmed it.

[b]Ordered the INTERNAL version from costco.com on Sunday. Arrived today:

The drive is NEC ND-1300A.[/b]

it is a NEC ND-RW 1300A. $229 at COSTCO

I have one and have not been able to play a DVD.

Problems. with this drive. IT plays a music CD just fine, but on playing DVD’s the sound and video is bad. The sound is jumpy, video is like stop, go, stop, go, stop, go. Video is like the jerky sound.

AMD 2400 +
1 GB memory
2 120GB hard drives
ATI AII-in-wonder 9700 Pro card.

If I don’t find a fix for these problems it is going back.

Make sure DMA is enabled. What mobo, BIOS, IDE driver, GPU driver. How are the drives setup. Software used to play DVD…

Device manager shows DMA under 2nd IDE Channel
CMOS show UDMA 2
mobo ASUS A7V8X
BIOS ver 11
IDE driver VIA 4-in-1
GPU driver ATI 6.14
Drive setup as Master on 2nd IDE controller
Software used that does not work is Windows Media, MYDVD, ATI DVD player.

Talked to Cendyne and the sugested I try PowerDVD for playback. It works and they are sending me a copy.

Don’t know why the other software is jumpy. Cendyne is checking on a bios upgrade, but this is first report of this problem to them.

For $229 I thought it was agreat price, so I got one. But I would like to be able to use the other software with it.

Originally posted by fredk
Device manager shows DMA under 2nd IDE Channel
CMOS show UDMA 2
mobo ASUS A7V8X
BIOS ver 11
IDE driver VIA 4-in-1
GPU driver ATI 6.14

Your mistake was to install those HORRID Via IDE drivers. Those things cause more problems than they are worth! Lots of friends had same problem as you, then they got rid of those drivers, and went back with the ones that come with the OS, and what do you know, they have no problems now.

You should stick with the default ones from MS until Via can get its act together and finally fix thost blasted Atapi IDE drivers.

3 out of the 4 drivers are OK though… just that 1… heh

I’m not sure what the MSRP is,

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price…

Actually,I think Cendyne and Verbatim drives are made by Pioneer,the Pioneer
105 has many times been spotted with a
Cendyne bezel,and a Verbatim DVD Producer package with software and the whole nine,is also a Pioneer 105…:cool:

I have the Cendyne drive and it is a rebaged ND-RW 1300A

fredk,I stand corrected…:cool: