Cendyne burner help

i just bought a cendyne 48x12x48 burner at office max.clone cd and easy cd creator recognize it as a 48x12x50 cdrw 1.01.no brand name shows up at all.it works fine but how can i tell what brand it is?i figured it would show up as a liteon.thanks.

It is AOpen.
Or does anyone know another manufacturer who makes “48x12x50x”?
You’re BTW not the first one who bought a Cendyne and got an AOPen (instead of LiteOn) :stuck_out_tongue:

when i go to cendynes web site for support they direct me to liteon firmware .can i use liteon firmware for this burner?how do you know it is an aopen?is this burner just as good as a liteon?thanks.

I’m sure it is AOpen because I don’t know any other 48/12/50 drive.

No, AOpen are not as good as LiteOn

It is an AOpen. Where do you get pointed to the Lite-ON site? Go here.

on the box it says lightning 4 48x12x48.if i go to cendynes firmware support page for this burner it tells me to download firmware for a liteon burner.i went to the link you directed me to.nothing in the system properties on my computer say anything about an aopen crw4850.i dont want to install this firmware because i am not sure if it is the right one.

Return it and ask for a LiteOn!

Try this:


Grab the file “Aopen 48x12x50 firmware update to v1.04” that should work.

It is an Aopen OEM drive so it is not identified as such. I had a Verbatim drive that was this same Aopen OEM. I posted a technique to flash it so it’s recognized as an Aopen somewhere on this forum. No time to find the post now, just search for posts by me.

Here it is: Last post…

Aren’t some of the Cendyne’s also Benq(Acer) drives?

I’m not sure, but I think I’ve read that somewhere. But do they make a 48x12x50 ? That’s kinda the giveaway here, when Windows identifies it as that.