Cendyne 48x12x48 (LTR 48246S)

Hi, I just got the Cendyne ($89.99 - 30 inst reb - 30 mir = $29.99) at OfficeMax. The manager was really friendly and checked in the back for all the different labels on the boxes. I found one with LTR48246S and grabbed it! I use Linux, XcdRoast 0.98a, cdrtools-1.11a40. XcdRoast reports firmware SS02. I am planning to flash to 52x24x52 S08 as soon as I can make a DRDOS boot disk. Problem is this:

Burn works great at up to 40x (that’s the best media I currently have). I mount the new disk in my Afreey DVD-Rom and everything is read perfectly. When I mount the disk back in my 48246S most of the larger files report a input/output error when I try and read them.

Any suggestions, besides the new firmware? BTW how old is the S02 firmware? Is there any way to tell what changes have been made between various firmware updates?

Thanks a lot!
Gregg G.:smiley:

firmware usually is described as 'Match more Media" on the liteon firmware page … the latest for 52x is 6s08

as for your drive at the moment
SS09 SS08 and SS06 have all been released

as for your problem I have no idea… sorry

w00t! Would you please use mtkflash to backup your current firmware, SS02, and send it to me? You can flash to 6S08 for the 52246S

DHC014 -

 I would be glad to send you the SS02 firmware.  I finally figured out how to read it and save it.  How should I send it to you?  Please forgive my ignorance about the forum.  BTW, I still cannot read large files from burned CDs on my 48246S.  I get the following error in my kern.log (this is probably a Linux specific question, but any help is appreciated).  I can read everything fine on my Afreey DVD-Rom.

Dec 23 07:46:14 www kernel: SCSI cdrom error : host 0 channel 0 id 0 lun 0 return code = 28000000
Dec 23 07:46:14 www kernel: Current sd0b:00: sense key Hardware Error
Dec 23 07:46:14 www kernel: Additional sense indicates Logical unit communication CRC error (Ultra-DMA/32)
Dec 23 07:46:14 www kernel: I/O error: dev 0b:00, sector 17608

Gregg G.

Here’s my address: dhc014@firmware-flash.com
Zip the firmware up and attach it :smiley:

I am not a Linux user so I really can’t help you.

here is something wrong

48x12x48 = 48126S

48x24x48 = 48246S

Originally posted by 1.Master
[B]here is something wrong

48x12x48 = 48126S

48x24x48 = 48246S [/B]

I’m confused. What are you saying? :confused:

Cendyne 48x12x48 (LTR 48246S)

can´t be a LTR 48246S

It must be a LTR 48126S cause this is the 481248 drive with the mediatek chipset 6

2S0D is the latest FW for this drive !!

It´s easy to flash to a 48246S or a 52246S

I flashed mine 48126S to a 52246S (6S08) but i wasn´t very happy with it. It´s a 48126S again :slight_smile:

Cendyne sometimes packages 48x24x48x burners in their 48x12x48x packages. He got a 48246S in the box.

Cendyne sometimes packages 48x24x48x burners in their 48x12x48x packages

Buslink does the same thing.

its not cost effective to either reflash all the drives down to 12x firmware or print up all new packaging.