Cendyne 4001 to Lite-on?

ok i’m looking for some info on converting the 4001 to a liteon…any suggestions on which firmware to use would be appreciated…tried searching the forums and didn’t find much…tnx in advance

My Cendyne 32x came with standard Lite-On firmware. Try running the Lite-On Windows flasher. If it says you have the wrong drive, it’s likely you don’t have a Lite-On

see this post:


I believe you have a MSI MS-8340S (aka CR40-A2). I successfully flashed it using the firmware update from MSI’s web site. . Initially the drive that was reported as “ATAPI CD-RW 40/12/48X” with Firmware Revision 100C. Now it is a “MSI CD-RW MS-8340S” with Firmware Revision 120D.