Cendyne 24X USB 2.0 Firmware woes

Hey guys, I’m brand new to this forum and am hopeful that somebody out there can help me out! I’ve got this external Lite-On 24102B USB 2.0 drive, it originally came with a firmware version 5S01. I had it working on WinXp just fine (after lots of driver and PCI swaps) and then my hard drive failed, so I had to start fresh with a new drive. With the fresh install, I was still having trouble getting the damn thing configured, so I figured I would try and update the firmware in hopes of those issues being resolved. HOWEVER, those driver issues are now fixed and were un-related to the firmware on the drive itself. (Duh, I should have never touched it since it worked fine before under XP) Anyway, now the drive does function with version S504, but is acting funny in Roxio 5.02d. I’m certain that these annoyances would not be there if I had just left it at the original firmware version, but now, I can’t figure out how to go back. I’ve traded emails several times with the idiots at Cendyne, but they are no help. Any ideas are VERY welcome! Again, this is a USB 2.0 drive, and I’m kinda scared of flashing it with IDE firmware. Thanks in advance.

What do you mean with acting funny?

I think the usb version is only a IDE drive put into a box that converts the interface to usb.

To my experience firmware 5s54 is the best.

And byside that Easy CD-Creator is one of the worst burning progs out there, especially combined with windows XP.

Have you tried Nero? Nero may not be that easy to use but it’s a lot more stable and problemfree. Has more power and advanced features also.

Well, it’s like EZCD wants to re-initialize the drive every 3 seconds or so and it freezes anything else I’m trying to do while it’s doing that. Like if I’m trying to burn something and hit the “record” button, it will post an error message saying that the EZCD program is accessing the drive now. After I click “OK” and try it again, it works fine. I’m positive these problems will go away if I could only find that 5S01 firmware…

I don’t think I can use that method of back flashing posted earlier b/c it requires the DOS firmware .exe (winXP has no DOS and DOS wouldn’t recognize a USB 2.0 drive if it did.)


Hey guys, all I did was take my drive out of the casing (it really is an IDE inside there!) and hook it up to my computer, used the DOS flash utility and BAM, I’m right back were I was before with no problems–only this time I’m using 5S07 instead of 5S01 (as the drive came). Roxio doesn’t do that re-initializing crap anymore! Whohoo!

Thanks for you help.

Can’t really understand why it helped. :rolleyes:

Anyway, great that you got it sorted out.

Yes, as I thought, an ide drive inside the box :wink: