Cell phone ring Adults can't hear

More teenagers are using a high-pitched ring tone that many adults can’t hear to signal the arrival of a text message… In settings where cellphone use is forbidden — in class, for example — it is perfect for signaling the arrival of a text message without being detected by an elder of the species.


And the mp3, for anyone interested, here it is:

Haha, my hearing’s not that bad then…yet (heard it loud and clear) :bigsmile:

i read or saw something on tv a while back about store owners using these kinds of high pitched noises outside of the shop to keep kids form hanging out and driving away business.

one guy said it apparently worked…it annoyed the kids enough to keep them away, but adults didn’t hear it.

normally I’d say that’s really weird, but it’s based on the same premise so there must be SOME merit to it.

whoops…they reference the article i was talking about in the posted article…i feel silly now haha

I didn’t, but the dog did…I told him it was a wrong number…

i definitely heard it and it really is annoying as all hell. i would NOT want that on my phone!

LOL :bigsmile:

According to my wave editor that is approximately a 15kHZ tone.

According to my ears I get a strong urge to hit something when I listen to it. :a

I’m 28, and I heard it just fine…My dad is 67, and he heard it fine as well…My mom is 62, and she could barely hear it…Quite an annoying sound actually. :iagree:

Vibrate :doh:

No problems hearing it here.

However when I upload the ring tone to my cell phone it sounds like this.

I’ve heard the Mosquito (well I haven’t but the kids have), as it was featured on the gadget show, very annoying to them at least. I can hear that easily though so they have got something wrong.

omg that made my ears bleed and my head felt like someone was drilling into it but the phone one was alot easier to listen to by far.

I’m officially not old, but it actually hurt me… still.ringing.now.

At 24, I can confirm I hear the sound loud & clear, fairly close to the high pitch sound that regular (CRT based) television sets make. But then again, using a tone generator, I can hear up to about 18kHz. A TV produces a 15.6kHz (PAL) or 15.7kHz (NTSC) tone.

On the other hand, unless someone is aware that this is used as a ringtone, they would likely assume that it is something happening next door, particularly since it is quite difficult to tell the actual direction the sound is coming from. However, if a teacher can hear this sound and starts noticing students pulling out something everytime (s)he hears this sound, it will start becoming quite obvious what is happening. :wink: