Cell phone lot

I was at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport yesterday and as you go into the parking area there is a sign that says

Cell phone lot

I wanted to go into the lot and see if people were parking there cells phones there but did not have time.

Is it next to the designated smokers area?

Cell Phone lots are rather common at airports these days. They’re so you can park and wait for your arrival and not be in the way.

It’s for people to sit in their cars and wait for their cell phone to ring telling them that the person they are waiting for has arrived.

All I can say is that it took airport officials to plan for that and finally bring themselves into the 1990’s

Especially since post9/11 with airport security being real unpleasant about standing vehicles next to the terminal…

They have had this a Newark International for 5 years now that I know of, it may go back many more years. It clears the loading platforms for passengers.

and it stops officious airport security officers from pestering you when you are waiting for a passenger who is on a delayed flight.

Know I see why they have these and the one I saw was on the input side of the airport way so people could wait there instead of regular parking since most regular parking out gate is on the going out of the airport side of the road.