Cell phone charging question



I just got a new cell phone in the mail and the directions from the company I bought it from (not the manufacturer) say before using the phone to charge it for 24 hours. However, I plugged the phone in and after about an hour it says it’s fully charged. Do I need to bother leaving it plugged in for the rest of the 24 hours? Is it still trickle charging or is the recommendation by the seller not applicable?


yes, otherwise the battery woun`t work properly.


no, this isn’t really true (any more)…
by this time, the new batter Li-Io or Li-Poly batteries don’t need to be charged 24 hours for “activation” as older battery-types - normally a charging time of “charge-until-battery-status-says-full” + 4 more hours should be more than enough for the battery to work properly…

but what you should take care of is, that you DON’T completely dis-charge the battery the first 5 times before you re-load it, because this could do damage to it - from the 6th loading process you can use it 'til it is absolutely empty without having to fear any “damage”…

this way, for example, my pocketPC-battery from my actual one (ipaq 2210) still is as constant as it was when it was new - and it’s now more than 1 1/2 years old… :slight_smile:


After the first “initilization period” of recharging until it can be depleted, should you recharge before it’s dead, or wait until complete depletion?


Mobile phone batteries are often nearly for free now here since about 10 million phones are sold each year to about 15-20 million households. Long before those batteries become weak, most people have much newer and better devices. DMB phones (either satellite or ground types) seem to be fashionable in this year. I want 640480 resolution screen DMB phones equipped with 10-megapixel camera, 640480 camcorder, and mini-SD/RS-MMC/SATA/USB2 ports. :slight_smile: