Celinde dion audio cd problem

I have a big problem whit celinde dion new cd this cd will not start in my cdrom so I can use clone cd to make a copy of this cd is there anyone some can tell me how i can fix this problem.

Thanks kenta

You can’t…:
LiteOn LTR 24/10/2b: spits it out
LiteOn LTD 163: stops running
Sony CRX175A2: burner light stays on and CloneCd freezes
Ricoh MP7200A can SOMETIMES rip it with CloneCd AFTER the flashing of the burner’s led stops,but that can take a while…if I try when the light is still flashing,CloneCd freezes…

As you see,it’s all drive dependent,not CloneCd dependent…

ok and thanks for the info


What the hell makes it do all that to those drives? Some kind of protection? You said it makes the LiteOn 16 stop working: all together? That’s some funky CD.:confused:

The protection is Sony’s latest Key2Audio…Illegal Toc,giving wrong info to your drives causes the weird reactions of them…

This process will get around the problems with some drives.

Disable Auto-Insert-Notification, and any audio programs that can recognise a CD, even when it’s just sitting there, & reboot

During the POST, insert the CD.

From the desktop open DiscJuggler for an audio rip and see what happens. Feurio! & EAC work to lesser success.

Another option is to do the same thing but use Nero. Use the 'Save As…" {to .wav} function off the Recorder Menu and go from there.

The drives I’ve posted don’t work with DJ or EAC either,I have them already tested with these …
Gonna try Feurio…:slight_smile:

Originally posted by FutureProof
During the POST, insert the CD.

Are you sure this is the best way??? I would say: wait with inserting the cd untill you have started the program you want to use to rip the protected cd, let that program lock the drive, and then rip it… The way you describe it, Windows can mess things up… I think.


BTW Can anybody confirm if this version of Key2audio is different from earlier versions?

I have the new Celine Dion cd 'A New Day Has Come".
Using Clone 4 I was able to make working copies that will play on anything. ClonyXXL shows NO copy protection. I’ve made copies using a Sony CRX175A1, a Sony CRX175E2, and a HP9900iDVD/CDRW.
I am sure there is no protection on the disc. I live in Portland,Or, USA. Perhaps there is protection on European releases.
Anyway, I copied them with the Read Audio Sub-Channel on because the disc does have CD-Text. The CD-Text shows the song title if your CD player can show it.
All of these copies work great, plus there’s no problem ripping the separate tracks to create MP3’s.


is it similar to the problem i had with the " ozark henry " cd called " birthmarks " ???, it has the key2audio protection ,

in no way it was possible to play or recognise the cd in windows xp , win2000 , windows98 or millennium ,

i restarted windows with the cd left in the cdrom drive and the cd was recognised after the restart and i could make a copy of it with clone cd and even with nero,

so , if this don ’ t helps , try what futureproof suggested in his reply on 09/04/2002


i just read in a belgian television magazine that the new celine dion cd has a " totally new " protection ,

??? wait and see , and , to be honest , listen to such a voice is a copy protection on its own ?

“i just read in a belgian television magazine that the new celine dion cd has a " totally new " protection”

I live in Belgium…the U.S.A. version has no protection on it…

i tried to backup celine dion with

   toshiba 1402   would not read the disk
   iomega 8432    same
   liteon  241040  spit the disk out

then tried my plextor 8432t clone analysed the disk and away it went backup worked in both my cd players but not in my computers like it should these are the settings i used they are from another web site

Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks
Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner
Max Read @ 4x speed
CD-Writer Settings:

Perform Laser Power Calibration
Always close last Session
Don’t Repair Subchannel Data
Max Write @ 6x speed


After a few rippings of the cd with my Ricoh MP7200A and Clone Cd béta,the ripping possabillity decreased,until finally I can’t copy it anymore!!!

Could this article, mentioning about altering firmware be true?It seems so…:frowning:

"Epic/Sony released “A New Day Has Come” embedded with Key2Audio copy protection in Germany and several other European countries.

Should the consumer try to play Dion’s CD on a PC or Macintosh, the computer likely will crash.

Some fans believe that the CD is more damaging than that, however. On the German discussion boards at MacFixit, Mac users claim that the CD will not eject using normal methods and that the intentional corruption of the disc’s session data could unpredictably affect the drive’s firmware."

Originally posted by roadworker

After a few rippings of the cd with my Ricoh MP7200A and Clone Cd béta,the ripping possabillity decreased,until finally I can’t copy it anymore!!!


Yeah right!

Don’t believe this!


You don’t have to believe me,but what reason should I have to lie?
CloneCd was the only prog I have that could copy that cd with that burner…Gotta dig up my Ultraplex again…

i was able to copy this cd easily with my ultraplex and 8/20 plextor. made 2 copies and they both work in my home and car stereo