Celeron D mb good for DVD burning?

Hi Guys,

I had an old emachines - 1.1ghz celeron, 512mb ram, 40 gig hd, Cognac motherboard, Win98SE and a Benq 1620 Pro DVD burner.

The best I could eak out of it was 8x burning at around 8 min but it burnt them beautifully.

The mb went south so I replaced it with a DFI CM33-TL, 80 gig hd, and XP Pro. It burnt at 8x in about 9 and half minutes but they weren’t nearly as good a burns (using Nero CD Speed to check them).

I dug up an 1.4ghz Celeron processor and installed it and now it burns at 8x in about the same time as the old Cognac did but the scans are worse (still acceptable, but knowing it can do better it annoys me!) (TY discs by the way).

I’m tired of messing with old junk so I’ve decided to upgrade to a Celeron D 3.2 ghz processor and new motherboard . . . are their any particular boards that are more friendly to ide burners than others?



Try to defrag HD.

Do you have a sufficient PSU?

Your MB has no impact at all on burn “quality”, unless you are getting lot’s of buffer under-runs. This would most likely be due to a very slow HD, IDE contoller problems, etc. Any of the boards you mention should be fully capable of speeds adequate for DVD burning at 16x, but again only with an adequate HD.

Yes, i degrag the hd all the time! 350 watt psu in the new one, old one was only 160!

I think the IDE controller is the problem and since it’s in the mb there’s not much I can do about it.

The hd in the old machine was a Western Digital 40 gig with 8mb buffer, the new one is brand new and is a Western Digital 80 gig with 8mb buffer.

XP shows the HD in DMA5 and the Burner in DMA2.

CD Speed burst was 23 on the Cognac and is only 22 on the DFI.

Yes, I’ve tried different ide cables too.

The CD Speed burst was 20 with a 1.1 ghz cpu and went up to 22 with the 1.4 ghz.

Your CPU really has almost nothing to do with burning. I just hate to see ya buy a new MB only to have the same problems. Yes, the IDE controller could be partly to blame, but with proper drivers it shouldn’t cause problems. Some boards do best with the MS driver, others really need a 3rd part driver. Almost none of them do well with Intel Application Accelerator installed.

If you can be sure that your DVD files are on a clear area of a HD and not fragmented at all, then you can rule out the HD as a problem. Nero can also do a speed test on your HD in preferences on the cache pane. If the drive doesn’t return 30MB/sec speed, then the drive is likely the problem. Since you have 2 drives, you could be sure that Nero and it’s cache are on the OS drive, and the DVD files are on the other drive. Also, don’t put a paging file on the same drive as your DVD files.

:confused: The MB has the ide controller in it. If it’s not up to snuff so the burner isn’t being allowed to burn at the proper speed then that would affect quality . . . right?

If I burnt on my old machine at 8x it turned out a very nice burn. If I burnt at 4x it was a worse burn, and 2.6 was even worse. I’ve seen many threads where it was discussed that slower burning speeds don’t equal better burns and that seemed to follow what I saw with my machine.

BTW, if I burnt faster on that machine it took longer but usually gave a good burn. 8x was just the “sweet spot” (fastest burn with the fewest errors).

On the current machine if I burn at 8x it takes a little longer but the burn looks good till the end then I get a very nasty slope up in errors. If I burn at 12x it I get more groupsings of errors but they don’t slope up and are spread over the whole disc and on CD speed they don’t normally go over 4 or so, usually just a lot of 1s.

Also . . . I know of two other emachines with Cognac boards and neither of them can do any better than 8x either - one runs Win98 SE and one runs XP Home.

Anyway, sure looks like a motherboard problem and since I’m in the mood to upgrade anyway I’m just looking for a good CeleronD mb that people have had success with.