Celeron d cpu or Amd64?

Im going to upgrade from my amd xp 2500+ cpu to a new one so i wonder should i go for an amd 64 cpu(maybe an amd 3200 on 939 sockel) or an celeron d? both seems good and a new mainboard is need so any tip-offs someone can give me? regards cdrom2004

If you have the cash the brand new Intel Conroe chips just about beat everything else out.

Other than that personnel I would go for the AMD over the celeron.

Celeron D has L2 cache of 128KB to 256KB. Some processors like Woodcrest and Dempsey have 4MB L2 per processor. I’d wait for a 4-core Celeron with 4MB L2. :slight_smile:

I prefer AMD now for a variety of reasons. Hold off until the price cuts settle in next week. You will get a wider choice of chips at better prices. The 3200+ is good if you are looking at low cost. I like the ASUS boards; if you don’t want SLI the A8N5X is a bargain and has good overclocking ability. Keep in mind the 939 is discontinued now that the AM2 is out and AMD will be going toward DDR2 memory. It doesn’t mean you should avoid 939, just get what you want and be prepared to be out of date. You can get the AM2 versions of AMD and ASUS for close to the same price as the 939, but the DDR2 will cost a bit more. DDR2 doesn’t really seem to be a factor for throughput until you get to pretty high speeds anyway.

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At least here in South Korea, DDR 2 modules are cheaper than DDR 1 modules.


For both 512MB and 1GB, cheapest products are all DDR 2.

[I] TwinMOS DDR2 1G PC-4300 05 29 68,000
PNY DDR2 1G PC2-4200 1 05 96 70,000
Chaintech DDR2 1GB PC2-4200 APOGEE '603 16 71,000
ST DDR2 1G PC2-4200 '607 48 71,000
Dreamware DDR2 1G PC2-4200 '605 9 72,000
PQI DDR2 1G PC2-4200 POWER MEMORY '604 4 73,000
Infineon DDR2 1G PC2-4200U '605 3 73,000 [/I]

2GB DDR2 about US$120.


I’m with chas0039 - wait until after the end of the month to see where the cpu prices fall to with the big “sorting out” that has started to happen this past week-eh!

I would pay the extra to get the cheapest INntel Core 2. It will serve you so much better time (as in good relative performance for a while) and performance wise.

Celeron D processors cost as low as under US$40.
Core 2 processors cost at least US$200.

Some motherboards for Ceeron D cost just as much as Celeron D.
Motherboards for Core 2 cost at least US$100.

They target very different markets.