Celeron 2.8 v/s sempron 2800

which is better?

not celeron D but the old (not 64 bit) celeron 2.8ghz socket 478 v/s 64 bit sempron 2800 socket 754

Got to be the Sempy, 256KB L2 Cache, cool running, easy to OC, 64-bit…

definitely sempron, the celerons are severely bottlenecked by cache and FSB

Sempron without a doubt

Sempron’s are just like having an economy car, good value for money but no frills.

Celerons are also like having an economy car but with the parking brake fully engaged and no way to release it.

Be careful of which 2.8GHz Celeron you’re talking about. The original 2.8GHz Celeron has only a 400MHz effective FSB speed (100MHz actual FSB clockspeed) and only 128K of L2 cache. That will seriously bottleneck performance.

yes, it’s the original celeron

Intel hasn’t released Celeron versions of Core Architecture Conroe processors while Conroe’s are going to have 1333MHz and higher FSB’s soon. That means all current Celeron processors are seriously outdated. They are all single-core. Of them, Celeron D processors based on 65nm manufacturing processes are a little better than the “original” Celeron processors based on Northwood and Prescott processors. For some things, Celeron 2.8GHz with 400MHz FSB and 128KB L2 should do, but there are just too many processors that cost under US$50 and still do much better than them.

I don’t think it’s important to tell whether Sempron 2800+ is better than Celeron 2.8GHz.

Indeed, performance is highly irrelevant right :stuck_out_tongue:

I think for Sempron it’s the favorit :slight_smile:
My old PC have Sempron64 3000+@2200mhz 1GB DDR400 6800XT(8/4 DDR3),one of my frend have CeleronD 3ghz,1GB DDR400,6800(12/4).I score 10 000 in 3DMark03 he 8000 …In NFS Carbon i play whit ~30FPS he ~25 :slight_smile: