CED-8080B tests ;)

Hi there.
Had too much time on my hands, so I grabbed my old computer and burned a few discs :wink:
They were all burned with LG CD-RW CED-8080B, firmware 1.06 (the drive screws up when I upgrade it to any newer version) at 8x.

I seriously doubt if this is going to be useful to anybody, but I really had nothing to do :slight_smile:

The writing computer was AMD K6-II 200MHz, 160MB SDRAM, WDC AC24300L (4.3GB), NVidia Riva 128ZX, Windows 98SE

The graphs here were made with some unbranded crap.

Labeled as Omega 2-52x.
The errors count was something around 450, I think that explains the β€œblank” areas in the graphs.

Labeled as Samsung Pleomax.