CeBIT: Toshiba - 'We won't make Blu-ray drives'

I just posted the article CeBIT: Toshiba - ‘We won’t make Blu-ray drives’.

Last January Warner left the HD DVD format and immediately a destructive ball started spinning. Now that Blu-ray is the official high definition standard and the Blu-ray Disc Association owns…

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Toshiba won’t make Blu-Ray Drives…LOL. After being Trumped by BLU-RAY i think it’s a good move.

I don’t believe it for 5 minutes. Toshiba is too big to stay away from the technology. If they want to make some serious cash, they need to make an x264 player. I have my $200 ready for them.

Yeah, what a load of BS. Toshiba will make a Blu-Ray player if the market for the players takes off. No doubt about it. There si no way they’d leave the market untapped if it takes off. Now, if it tanks (please God) and some other market develops, then maybe they can get away with claiming they won’t make Blu-Ray players. :slight_smile: