CeBIT: Linksys Kiss 1600 not yet 'blu'



I just posted the article CeBIT: Linksys Kiss 1600 not yet ‘blu’.

Last year Kiss introduced the succesful 1600 media player. In the meantime the company was taken over bij Linksys, which is a company that is owned by Cisco. Now the mediaplayer has a DVD player and…

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Successful ? The 1600 is one of the biggest failures, only DP-600 was worse . The damn thing is buggy , updates a rare and introduce even more bugs. TS almost non existent.


Maybe in the past they had a lot of bugs. But last months things have improved and the product is really cool and easy to use. For example picture support has increased a lot and if you need tech support just let me know, Linksys have good guys walking around who know their shit :slight_smile:
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Really ? Well may be I do not know , I do not keep track of KiSS recently. But I do know that they are not a brand in MPEG players , their reputation that bad that their players bought only by people fooled by LinkSys logo or having it cheap by chance. No “geek” :slight_smile: even consider them as an option after their “performance” for last 6 years.
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