Ceating an ISO using nero?

Ok I am new to the whole burning ISO thing. I know how to burn an ISO using nero, but what Ican not figure out is how to create an image of a CD on my hardrive with nero. I looked in the forum using the search button but really could not find anything (in plain english) that was not to technical.:confused:

Well if you are running windows XP the quickest way to make a *.iso image of an unprotected cd is to download the XP iso recorder power toy, which can be found here http://www.devhood.com/tools/tool_details.aspx?tool_id=143 install. then just right click on the cd and select copy cd to image file and go though the rest of the wizard.

In nero start up nero, then go to recorder -> choose recorder, and select Virtual Recorder. Then go File -> CD-Copy select the various options you want and then click OK. A save image file dialogue will popup find where you want ot save the image, and chnage the file name to mycd.iso, and the file type to *all files, and follow through the rest of the prosses and you have an image file with the .iso extention.

I dont think this works as a iso file though if you have selcted read options like read subchannel data through nero, otherwise i belive a nrg image is just an iso with the .nrg sufix instead of .iso - someone correct me if i am wrong.

But the best way to make image files of cds is with clone cd and you will find plenty of info on that in the forums.

Thank you for the response.
The image file .nrg is the same as .iso right so when I tell nero to burn image it looks for .nrg and .iso correct? Also it is a protected CD does that change anything.

I belive .nrg images are the same as .iso images when you do not have sub channel data and the like atached, i.e it is just a plane image of a ISO 9660 CD-ROM, as (agian i may be wrong here so someone correct me if i am) subchannel data is not part of the iso standard.

If it is a protected CD (and asuming you writer supports clone cd check here to find out) the simplest way of copying it is to download a program ClonyXXL (coutesy of insomnia), and clonecd (which i recomend you buy if you like it) install cloneCD, then use ClonyXXL to scan the CD by pressing the Scannen button, and when it finnished (which can take a long time) press the cloneCD button below it :slight_smile: . IF it has safedisc 2 on it though i recomned you ead the articel
here about protections and and you may also need a program called betablocker (look in the forums).