CEA: Industry could run out of converter boxes

I just posted the article CEA: Industry could run out of converter boxes.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of electronics stores running out of converter boxes to help owners transition from analog TV to…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15502-CEA-Industry-could-run-out-of-converter-boxes.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15502-CEA-Industry-could-run-out-of-converter-boxes.html)

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There are still many boxes both at walmart and Best Buy here so it is funny to hear they are or will run out. Most around here are just getting Satellite or Cable.

“most of them will now wait until the new June 12 deadline before switching from analog to DTV. It seems that some stations – smaller, local broadcasters – will still make the switch by Feb. 17, so many Americans should prepare to have their converter box anyway.”

Local is what is in question here since the other channels are on cable and satellite anyways. From what I have seen and heard, all of my local stations are dropping the analog signal coming Feb 17 despite congresses infintie wisdom to delay it. If you don’t have a converter box by then, tough luck. You should of done something about it by now. Well, at least, they will be forced to upgrade.

Digital switchover is happening here in the UK, but we didn’t get any government subsidy for buying the boxes.

UK gov is a pile of sh*t. Nuff said. But then again so is our boradcast network. BBC TV licence for instance. Pay up or face a massive fine or jail time. I kid you not.