CE Quadrant Software


Hello, I am new to this community which looks like I will find excellent information with problems burning CD’s

On a previous computer which was run by the Windows 98 Software, the CD program that came with the machine was OEM software…CE Quadrant.
I Burned many audio discs, but some of them I never finalized so they would play on other computers or many CD Players.

I do not have access to that softare any more to finalize my un-finalized audio disc’s. Does any “Freaker” (I hope that word is okay to use and does not embarise anyone) have a known trusted patch to fix my problem.

I have a hp pavilion zd7269cl laptop with a HL-DT-ST CD/DVD BURNER GCA 4040N; Microsoft Driver Version 5.1.2535.0 07/01/2001.

An information for correction of my problem would be much appreciated.

Thank you for allowing me to the club.


Most CDBurner software should have an option to finalise discs.
Nero does for sure.

You can download a demo version (www.ahead.de) just to finalise your discs … from memory, you are limited to a lower burn speed.

And I voted in your poll too :stuck_out_tongue: